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Best Three Months

The end-of-life journey, and your life right now.

Like so many of us in these uncertain times, you may find yourself in a major life transition. Or facing a loss, or a serious health condition. Or just needing a renewed sense of purpose.

Best Three Months® (B3M) is a process developed by the Conscious Dying Institute to help people face and engage with mortality and identify what’s most important for their life, now and in the future. The process involves five 1.25 hour sessions, and a follow-up about a month later. During and between sessions, you’ll be guided through a deep exploration of your priorities in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and after-death aspects of your life.

I felt deeply listened to, and an invitation to go deep. The process allowed me to easily identify priorities and appropriate steps. I soon released some lifetime baggage and my course feels clearer.” – Claudia M

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What are the benefits of the Best Three Months process?

Why I offer this

When I first encountered this process in my End-of-Life Doula training, I was going through a lot of upheaval in my life. It was revelatory and healing to take on this journey with my able and loving guide as a witness. What a gift she gave me.

I then guided some friends who were going through major transitions in their lives, and they experienced similarly profound shifts with Best Three Months. And I was grateful to witness their journeys. So now I offer it for anyone seeking this healing and transformative process.

When you’re at a crossroads in time, thinking on ‘what are the most essential things’ provides clarity for moving forward.” – Victoria A.

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Best Three Months can be helpful if:

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Frequently asked questions

Is Best Three Months offered for groups?

Yes. I offer Best Three Months to groups as well as individuals.

Write to rabbishifrah@gmail.com if you’d like to join a group, or want to bring Best Three Months to your organization. How many sessions is Best Three Months?

Usually, a series involves five 1-1.5 hour sessions over a period of about two months, plus a briefer follow up session about a month later. What’s involved in doing Best Three Months?

You will receive tools and questionnaires you’ll be asked to work with between sessions. Participants get the most our of the process when they set aside time to consider these questions carefully.

You’ll also help me fill out a plan that matches your desires and vision, and that you will be able to keep and refer to once the process is over.