Facing mortality, embracing the whole

Facing and engaging with death and mortality — as individuals, families, and communities.

End-of-life doula

Deep witness and holistic support for individuals, families, and care circles before, during, and after death.


Funerals and memorials

Honoring those who've died. Comforting those who are mourning.

“Time flows through us like water.
The past and the dead speak through us.
We breathe our children’s children, blessing.”  — Marge Piercy, Kaddish

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Best Three Months®

Best Three Months is a multi-session process  to help people face and engage with mortality, and identify what’s most important for their lives, especially in times of uncertainty, crisis, and transition. Available for individuals and groups. 

“I felt deeply listened to, and an invitation to go deep. The process allowed me to easily identify priorities and appropriate steps. I soon released some lifetime baggage and my course feels clearer.”  — Claudia M.


Groups and classes

Rabbi Shifrah is available for groups and classes on writing an ethical will, Jewish tradition on death and mourning, healing ancestral trauma, dealing with grief, and other topics.

“I only know that the river kept singing” — Mary Oliver, At the River Clarion

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Life cycle rituals

Honor and celebrate.



Healing, repair, transformation.



Poetry, articles, teachings.