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Tikkun HaNefesh

Repairing the soul, untangling white privilege

Since late 2018, and as part of Kehilla Community Synagogue’s Belonging and Allyship Initiative, my colleague Laura Fitch and I have been facilitating monthly groups for people with white privilege who want to deepen relationships and enhance their skill as allies, friends, loved ones, and activists with people of color. Laura and I are creating upcoming workshops to bring this critical and timely practice to our communities.

As everyone else, we’re responding to the need to be safe and shelter in place. Stay tuned — we’ll keep you informed as our plans for workshops unfold. Have an idea for a workshop/collaboration? Book a call.


In this very moment

Communing with our ancestors

In a safe and nurturing group environment, we’ll glean from the wisdom, experience, and memory of those who’ve passed, spiritual guides, and our own imagination. We'll use the tools of story, mind-body awareness exercises, writing, and group sharing to draw spiritual sustenance from our ancestors and encourage healing from ancestral trauma.

 Workshops available for groups, congregations, and community organizations. To learn more, schedule a fee-free call or email me


Best Three Months®

You may be dealing with major life transitions, facing a life-threatening illness, or just seeking a way forward. Best Three Months® is a process developed by Tarron Estes of the Conscious Dying Institute. It helps people face and engage with mortality, and identify what’s most important for their life, now and in the future. Whatever you’re dealing with, and wherever you’re heading, this process can offer life-enhancing insights to help on your journey.

I felt deeply listened to, and an invitation to go deep. The process allowed me to easily identify priorities and appropriate steps. I soon released some lifetime baggage and my course feels clearer.”  — Claudia M.

Available for individuals and groups.

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Life cycle rituals

Honor and celebrate.


End of life

Embracing the whole of life.



Poetry, articles, teachings.